So you are probably sitting there after Easter swearing to never ever touch a piece of chocolate again.  You are feeling sluggish, lazy and possibly thinking you have put on 10kgs with that packet of chocolate eggs that you purchased for your friends and family however ended up eating yourself.  You are in need of a solution, one that just may assist in you returning to feeling slightly less sugared and a way that you can detox while you sleep.  That’s right – while you sleep.  How easy is that?

Detox Patches may just be the tool to assist you feeling energised, shed the kilograms that have somehow found their way to your thighs and allow the body to release toxins that have built up with the over indulgence and sugar over Easter and in our diets generally.

Detox Patches have been known to assist with many functions of the body as they are placed pressure points on the feet where body parts are found.  They assist with releasing the built up toxins via the feet while you sleep.

Your feet carry so many toxins in them daily.  The body tries to break down good and bad foods, the toxins that are associated with them, and the air pollutants that we breathe each day.  These are then pushed by the heart to the furthest part of the body.  This is the feet.  Detox Patches help release these from the feet.

Over time the patches may get less and less full of the toxins however it could be that it may be an ongoing process for a month or three.  There is no short quick fix ever with detoxing although many profess there is.

Along with Detox Patches you can:

  1. Drink lots of water. It’s recommended that you drink about 2 litres per to assist with flushing out the toxins.
  2. Exercise and burn those chocolate eggs off! Try to do some exercise every day, even if it’s light exercise.
  3. Detox Patches work while you sleep so get some early nights. If you have trouble sleeping people have reported to have slept much better with the detox patches.