My Magic Mud Whitening Tooth Powder


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• 100% Natural Teeth Whitening Powder

• Made from Certified Organic Ingredients

• Completely fluoride-free and vegan

• Average 150 Uses

Product Description


My Magic Mud Tooth Powder is the leading alternative to conventional teeth whiteners, which are frequently reported to tarnish the enamel and cause harm to the gums. This blend has been lab tested to ensure that it is safe for your enamel and will not cause sensitivity. The high pH level will kill cavity-causing bacteria and can even eliminate “dragon” breath. In fact, countless customer testimonials suggest that regular use has actually reversed their tooth and gum sensitivity while boosting their oral health.


1) Slowly open jar over sink.

2) Tap your toothbrush bristles onto tooth powder. Use very little at a time! Seriously. A little goes a long way.

3) Brush for 2 minutes. Brush gently. Don’t get overzealous. Nice and easy.

4) The longer the mud is in your mouth, the more beneficial it is for teeth whitening and detoxification. Releasing the mud from your mouth can be accomplished in many, many, ways. That being said, here are two effective recommendations for spitting out the mud:

• Option 1: Bathroom Sink Gently let the “mud” fall out of your mouth and into your bathroom sink. Make sure the faucet water is running. To avoid a splatter in your sink, slowly spit the “mud” very close to drain.

• Option 2: Shower Hold My Magic Mud in your mouth after brushing and jump in the shower. The longer it stays in your mouth, the more beneficial it is for teeth whitening and detoxification. Go ahead and rinse this down the shower drain, with ease.

5) Lastly, rinse your mouth with water, swoosh, spit, and continue until the mud residue has vanished from your teeth. Floss for added oral hygiene!